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Is the Philippines Your Dream Honeymoon Destination? (Here’s Why It Should Be!)

Okay, lovebirds, let’s be honest – are you dreaming of a honeymoon with endless beaches, water so clear it looks like melted gemstones, and enough romance to make you swoon? If so, stop scrolling and listen up! The Philippines might be the absolute perfect place for you. This amazing collection of islands is a seriously underrated honeymoon spot. If you and your partner are looking for a seriously unique mix of adventure, chill vibes, and drop-dead gorgeous scenery, it’s definitely time to start packing!

Okay, so is the Philippines actually a good honeymoon spot?

You betcha! The cool thing about the Philippines is that it’s got a little something for everyone:

  • Beach lovers: If your dream honeymoon is all about perfect beaches and water the color of those fancy blue gemstones, you’re in luck. Get ready to be seriously spoiled.
  • Adventurous types: Get your hearts pumping with island hopping, swimming with sea turtles, finding hidden waterfalls, or exploring caves.
  • Total romantics: Think private dinners on the beach, couples’ massages at amazing spas, and seriously fancy resorts that go all-out on those honeymoon extras.
  • Culture vultures: Filipino culture is super vibrant – amazing food, welcoming people, and tons of cool traditions to learn about.

Plus, with so many different islands, it’s easy to make the experience totally yours!

Alright, but where should we actually GO?

Here’s a quick rundown of the most popular honeymoon spots:

  • Boracay: The classic Philippine honeymoon. Picture-perfect White Beach, some nightlife, awesome watersports… oh, and plenty of secret little beaches to find!
  • Palawan: Think jaw-dropping cliffs, lagoons that look unreal, and those fancy resorts that make you feel like royalty. El Nido and Coron are the hotspots for couples that want that extra ‘wow’.
  • Bohol: This one’s famous for the Chocolate Hills, plus it has those adorable little monkeys called tarsiers. It’s got a cool mix of unique stuff to see and relaxed beach vibes.
  • Siargao: Surf’s up! Learn to ride waves together on this island, then chill on quieter beaches or explore the island’s jungle-like parts.
  • Cebu: If you like history or a bit of city mixed with your paradise, Cebu’s your place. History, waterfalls, then go island hopping to find tiny islands that are pure perfection.

But like, what’s the best place for Honeymoon in Philippines?

Honestly, it totally depends on what you guys are dreaming of! Boracay is a safe bet if you want that classic beach honeymoon with great places to stay and eat. Palawan is amazing if you want crazy beautiful nature and super luxurious places to stay. Bohol’s great if you want a combo of weird-and-wonderful sights mixed with beach time.

Now, picture the perfect honeymoon memories…

Here’s how to make this trip one you’ll never, ever forget:

  • Island hopping: This is a MUST. Rent a little boat and spend the day finding hidden beaches, swimming in that bright blue water, and feeling like you’ve got your own little corner of paradise.
  • Sunset cruise: Imagine being out on the water, watching the sky light up with crazy colors. That’s pure romance right there.
  • Waterfalls and rice terraces: Hike through the jungle to amazing waterfalls like Kawasan Falls in Cebu, or check out the crazily cool rice terraces at Batad.
  • Spa time: Traditional Filipino massages and couples’ treatments are the ultimate way to unwind together.
  • Dinner by the sea: Freshly caught seafood, the waves whispering, the stars above… can it get more romantic than that?

Where’s the most romantic spot?

That’s a hard one! Palawan often wins thanks to the insanely beautiful places to stay and the scenery. But, you can find romance anywhere in the Philippines. It could be a cute little beachside cafe in Boracay, or a hidden waterfall you guys stumble across.

Okay, where can we stay?

The Philippines has you covered, whether you want fancy-pants luxury or a cute beach bungalow:

  • Luxury resorts: Some seriously swanky places are dotted around, with private villas, those infinity pools you see on Instagram, and amazing service.
  • Boutique hotels: Check out smaller hotels with cool personal touches and a more intimate vibe.
  • Budget-friendly: Even if you’re traveling on a budget, there are great spots to stay near the beach or with incredible views of the islands.

Moments to Capture

  • Couples Photo Shoot: Beyond the selfies, consider booking a professional photoshoot. Whether you want those classic beach shots at sunset or something more adventurous amongst waterfalls or rice terraces, these photos will become your favorite souvenirs.
  • Drone Footage: If you’re handy with a drone (and local regulations allow), get some epic footage of your island hopping excursions, hikes, or just lounging at your gorgeous resort. It’ll make for a killer honeymoon video to share with family and friends.
  • Underwater Camera: Invest in a waterproof camera if you love snorkeling or plan to try scuba diving. Capture the vibrant marine life and each other exploring those turquoise waters.

Romantic Touches

  • Flower Power: Tropical blooms are everywhere! Ask your resort to arrange a surprise bouquet for your room, scatter petals for a romantic touch, or seek out those jaw-dropping floating breakfasts decorated with vibrant flowers.
  • “Just Married” Surprises: Don’t be shy about letting hotels or restaurants know you’re on your honeymoon. You might score anything from a room upgrade, a welcome bottle of bubbly, or a special dessert with “Congratulations!” written in chocolate.
  • Breakfast in Bed: There’s something extra decadent about a leisurely breakfast on your balcony or delivered right to your room, complete with tropical fruits and maybe even mimosas!

Experiences to Remember

  • Cooking Class: Dive into the flavors of the Philippines with a hands-on cooking experience. Learn the secrets behind those delicious curries, fresh lumpia (spring rolls), or the classic adobo. You’ll bring home the best kind of souvenir – new recipes to recreate at home!
  • Private Island Excursion: Up the romance stakes with a private boat trip to a tiny, secluded island. Imagine packing a picnic lunch, finding pristine beaches, and having the whole place to yourselves for a few hours. Pure honeymoon bliss.
  • Stargazing: Far from city lights, the Philippine skies offer incredible stargazing opportunities. Grab a blanket, find a secluded spot on the beach, and spend the evening spotting constellations and wishing on shooting stars.

Just for You

  • Customized Playlist: Create a “honeymoon soundtrack” filled with songs that remind you of each other, places you want to visit, or just that carefree vacation vibe. It’ll become the backdrop to your best memories.
  • Matching Souvenirs: Skip the tacky tourist gifts and find something truly special. Maybe it’s handmade jewelry featuring local materials, personalized artwork, or a handcrafted wooden bowl – whatever represents your shared adventure.
  • A Shared Journal: Pack a small notebook to jot down funny moments, favorite discoveries, and hopes for the future. Years later, you’ll smile looking back at your honeymoon notes.

The Honeymoon of Your Dreams Awaits

The Philippines is ready to be the backdrop to the most incredible start to your married life. Whether you dream of those classic white-sand beach moments, thrilling adventures, indulging in luxury, or discovering rich culture, you’ll find your version of paradise in this incredible island nation.

So, start dreaming, fill those Pinterest boards, and talk to your partner about what your perfect honeymoon looks like. From those big moments to the tiny details that make it special, the Philippines is waiting to make all those honeymoon fantasies come true!

Need More Inspiration?

  • Search for #philippineshoneymoon on Instagram for a dose of visual inspiration
  • Check out travel blogs and vlogs dedicated to couples’ travel
  • Consider talking to a travel agent specializing in the Philippines who can tailor a honeymoon package perfectly suited to you.

Now, Go Make Memories!

Your unforgettable honeymoon is out there waiting for you. The sun, the sand, the romance, and the adventure… it’s time to start making those plans!

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