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Places in the Philippines That Will Take Your Breath Away

The Philippines, with its stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, and vibrant culture, is a tropical paradise that never fails to captivate travelers from around the world. From the bustling metropolis of Manila to the serene shores of Boracay, this archipelago in Southeast Asia offers a plethora of breathtaking destinations that will leave you in awe. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through some of the most remarkable places in the Philippines, each with its unique charm and allure.

Manila – Where History Meets Modern Marvels

Manila, often referred to as the “Pearl of the Orient,” is the bustling capital of the Philippines. It’s a city that seamlessly blends its rich Spanish colonial history with modernity. Begin your exploration at Intramuros, the historic walled city, which is home to iconic sites like Fort Santiago and San Agustin Church. For a taste of Filipino culture, visit Rizal Park and enjoy a leisurely stroll around its beautiful gardens.

Don’t forget to catch a mesmerizing Manila Bay sunset, a breathtaking spectacle that paints the sky in hues of orange and pink. The city’s vibrant nightlife is another highlight, with numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants catering to all tastes.

manila sunset

Best Time to Visit: November to February (Cool and dry season)

How to Reach: Manila is well-connected by international flights, and you can land at Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Ideal Duration: 2-3 days

Nearest Airports: Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Best Attraction: Intramuros, Rizal Park, and Manila Bay Sunset

Best Things To Do: Explore historical sites, indulge in Filipino cuisine, and experience the vibrant nightlife.

Places to Stay: The Peninsula Manila, Conrad Manila, and The Manila Hotel

Tacloban, Leyte – Unveiling Nature’s Resilience

Tacloban, the capital of Leyte province, is a gateway to the Eastern Visayas region of the Philippines. This charming city is known for its warm hospitality and beautiful natural scenery. One of the must-visit attractions is the San Juanico Bridge, which connects Leyte and Samar islands and offers stunning panoramic views.

History buffs will appreciate the Leyte Landing Memorial Park, where General Douglas MacArthur landed during World War II. Tacloban is also an excellent base for exploring nearby islands, such as Kalanggaman and Cuatro Islas, known for their white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Best Time to Visit: December to April (Dry season)

How to Reach: Fly to Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport in Tacloban or take a ferry from Cebu.

Ideal Duration: 3-4 days

Nearest Airport: Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport

Best Attraction: San Juanico Bridge and Leyte Landing Memorial Park

Best Things To Do: Island hopping, explore the local culture, and savor Leyte’s cuisine.

Places to Stay: The Oriental Leyte, Go Hotels Tacloban, and Ironwood Hotel

Cebu – Island Paradise, Urban Adventures

Cebu, known as the “Queen City of the South,” is an enchanting island province in the central Philippines. It’s a destination that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, historic sites, and modern amenities. Start your journey in Cebu City by visiting Magellan’s Cross and exploring the Spanish-influenced architecture of Basilica Minore del Santo Niño.

For nature enthusiasts, the cascading waterfalls of Kawasan Falls and the incredible experience of swimming with whale sharks in Oslob are a must. Cebu is also a hub for island hopping adventures, with nearby gems like Malapascua and Bantayan Island awaiting your discovery.


Best Time to Visit: January to May (Dry season)

How to Reach: Fly directly to Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

Ideal Duration: 4-5 days

Nearest Airport: Mactan-Cebu International Airport

Best Attraction: Magellan’s Cross, Kawasan Falls, and Oslob Whale Shark Watching

Best Things To Do: Island hopping, water adventures, and explore Cebu City’s heritage sites.

Places to Stay: Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa, Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan, and Cebu Marriott Hotel

Puerto Princesa City – Gateway to Underground Wonders​​​​​​​

Puerto Princesa City, located in Palawan, is a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers. The city’s crown jewel is the Puerto Princesa Underground River, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. A boat ride through the majestic limestone caves and pristine waters is an experience like no other.

Honda Bay offers an incredible island-hopping experience with crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and a chance to swim with sea turtles. For a more secluded beach getaway, head to Nagtabon Beach, a hidden gem known for its tranquil ambiance.

Best Time to Visit: December to May (Dry season)

How to Reach: Land at Puerto Princesa International Airport, the primary gateway to Palawan.

Ideal Duration: 3-4 days

Nearest Airport: Puerto Princesa International Airport

Best Attraction: Underground River, Honda Bay Island Hopping, and Nagtabon Beach

Best Things To Do: Explore the Underground River, island hop, and enjoy local seafood.

Places to Stay: Dos Palmas Island Resort & Spa, Astoria Palawan, and Princesa Garden Island Resort & Spa

Bicol – Spices, Volcanoes, and Everything Nice​​​​​​​

Bicol, a region in southern Luzon, is known for its captivating landscapes dominated by the iconic Mayon Volcano. Mayon’s perfectly symmetrical cone is a sight to behold and a favorite among hikers and adventure enthusiasts. You can trek to its summit for breathtaking panoramic views.

Caramoan Islands, on the other hand, offer a paradise for beach lovers and island hoppers. The pristine beaches and dramatic limestone formations make it an ideal spot for relaxation and exploration. Additionally, Donsol is renowned as the “Whale Shark Capital of the World,” offering a chance to swim alongside these gentle giants.

Best Time to Visit: May to September (Dry season)

How to Reach: Fly to Legazpi City Domestic Airport or take a bus from Manila.

Ideal Duration: 4-5 days

Nearest Airport: Legazpi City Domestic Airport

Best Attraction: Mayon Volcano, Caramoan Islands, and Donsol Whale Shark Interaction

Best Things To Do: Hike Mayon Volcano, explore Caramoan’s islands, and swim with whale sharks in Donsol.

Places to Stay: The Oriental Legazpi, Misibis Bay Resort, and Gota Village Resort

Coron Island – Lagoons, Lakes, and Limestone Majesty​​​​​​​

Coron, part of the Palawan province, is often hailed as the “Best Beach City in the Philippines.” It’s a haven for those seeking pristine waters, vibrant coral reefs, and breathtaking landscapes. Kayangan Lake, with its crystal-clear waters and limestone cliffs, is often regarded as the cleanest lake in Asia.

Twin Lagoon offers a unique experience as you swim through a small crevice to enter another hidden lagoon. Barracuda Lake, known for its thermocline, where warm and cold waters meet, is a must-visit for divers. Coron is also a renowned wreck diving destination, with several World War II Japanese shipwrecks waiting to be explored beneath the azure waters.

Best Time to Visit: December to April (Dry season)

How to Reach: Fly to Francisco B. Reyes Airport (Busuanga Airport) and take a boat to Coron Town.

Ideal Duration: 3-4 days

Nearest Airport: Francisco B. Reyes Airport

Best Attraction: Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, and Barracuda Lake

Best Things To Do: Snorkeling, island hopping, and exploring Coron’s stunning lakes and lagoons.

Places to Stay: Two Seasons Coron Island Resort & Spa, Club Paradise Palawan, and Coron Soleil Garden Resort

Boracay – Sunset Bliss on Powdered Sands​​​​​​​

Boracay, a small island in the Visayas region, is famous for its powdery white sand beaches and vibrant nightlife. White Beach is the main attraction, with its soft sand and clear blue waters. Puka Shell Beach offers a quieter and more serene experience.

Adrenaline junkies will love the array of water sports available, from parasailing to scuba diving. Witnessing Boracay’s legendary sunsets, preferably with a cocktail in hand, is an unforgettable experience. The island’s nightlife is equally lively, with bars and clubs lining the shores, creating a festive atmosphere.

Best Time to Visit: November to April (Dry season)

How to Reach: Fly to Godofredo P. Ramos Airport (Caticlan) or Kalibo International Airport, followed by a boat ride to Boracay.

Ideal Duration: 4-5 days

Nearest Airport: Godofredo P. Ramos Airport (Caticlan) or Kalibo International Airport

Best Attraction: White Beach, Puka Shell Beach, and Ariel’s Point

Best Things To Do: Enjoy water sports, witness vibrant sunsets, and experience Boracay’s nightlife.

Places to Stay: Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa, Discovery Shores Boracay, and The Lind Boracay

Samal – Serenity in the Southern Seas​​​​​​​

Samal Island, located in Davao Gulf, is a tranquil escape known for its natural beauty and diverse marine life. Hagimit Falls is a refreshing stop for a swim amidst lush surroundings. The Monfort Bat Cave, with its impressive colony of bats, is a unique attraction.

Talicud Island, a short boat ride away, offers pristine beaches and excellent snorkeling opportunities. Samal is perfect for those seeking a laid-back retreat away from the crowds, with a variety of resorts offering peaceful and luxurious accommodations.

Best Time to Visit: November to April (Dry season)

How to Reach: Fly to Davao City, then take a ferry or boat to Samal Island.

Ideal Duration: 2-3 days

Nearest Airport: Davao City International Airport

Best Attraction: Hagimit Falls, Monfort Bat Cave, and Talicud Island

Best Things To Do: Island hopping, snorkeling, and exploring Samal’s natural wonders.

Places to Stay: Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Hof Gorei Beach Resort, and Camp Holiday Resort & Recreation Area

Bohol – Tarsiers, Chocolate Hills, and Beyond​​​​​​​

Bohol, a province in the Central Visayas region, is a captivating destination known for its unique geological formations, adorable tarsiers, and pristine beaches. The Chocolate Hills, a series of cone-shaped hills covered in green grass that turns brown during the dry season, are an iconic sight.

The Tarsier Conservation Area provides a chance to see the world’s smallest primates up close. For a beach escape, head to Panglao Island, famous for its crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life. Bohol offers a blend of natural wonders and cultural experiences that will leave you enchanted.

Best Time to Visit: November to April (Dry season)

How to Reach: Fly to Tagbilaran Airport or take a ferry from Cebu.

Ideal Duration: 3-4 days

Nearest Airport: Tagbilaran Airport

Best Attraction: Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Conservation Area, and Panglao Island

Best Things To Do: Visit the Chocolate Hills, encounter tarsiers, and explore Panglao’s beaches.

Places to Stay: Amorita Resort, South Palms Resort Panglao, and The Peacock Garden

Apo Island – Dive into Marine Marvels​​​​​​​

Apo Island, located off the coast of Negros Oriental, is a paradise for underwater enthusiasts. The Apo Island Marine Sanctuary is home to an incredible diversity of marine life, including sea turtles, vibrant coral reefs, and various species of fish.

Snorkeling and diving here are experiences you’ll treasure forever. Above water, the island’s lush landscapes, quiet beaches, and friendly locals make it a serene getaway. Apo Island offers an escape from the hustle and bustle, allowing you to connect with nature and the ocean in its purest form.

Best Time to Visit: April to June (Best for diving)

How to Reach: Fly to Dumaguete City, then take a boat to Apo Island.

Ideal Duration: 2-3 days

Nearest Airport: Dumaguete City Airport

Best Attraction: Apo Island Marine Sanctuary and Snorkeling/Diving Spots

Best Things To Do: Snorkel or dive with turtles, explore the island, and relax on pristine beaches.

Places to Stay: Liberty’s Lodge & Dive Resort, Apo Island Beach Resort, and Mario Scuba Diving & Homestay


The Philippines is a treasure trove of stunning destinations, each offering a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and adventure. Whether you’re exploring the historical streets of Manila or swimming with whale sharks in Donsol, the Philippines promises to take your breath away at every turn. Set your sights on these incredible places, and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the archipelago’s most breathtaking spots. The Philippines is waiting to enchant you with its beauty and warmth.

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